Edit-in-place CMS for websites Simple, flexible, secure.

CMS180 lets you keep your website up-to-date in four easy steps:

Step 1: Login
Step 2: Edit
Step 3: Preview
Step 4: Publish

Unlike many content management systems, CMS180 allows you to edit all your content right on the page where people will see it, not in a separate back-end interface.

You can:

  • Update existing content in seconds.
  • Instantly see your changes.
  • Create new pages in one click.
  • Load images and embed videos.
  • Preserve design and layout as you expand your site.

It's secure and reliable, and no programming skills are required.

CMS180 uses non-obtrusive editing tools to interact with lightweight markup, adding a thin but powerful editing layer on top of your website. It works with virtually any layout or design, existing or new. The simplicity and modularity of the system allow for rapid implementation at low cost. Its power and configurability allow us to tailor a solution to fit your exact needs. And unlike mass-market CMS providers, we can add custom extensions according to your specifications.

The CMS180 Administrator Toolbar

Cross-browser compatibility and search engine optimization (SEO) features and are built-in. No databases are required. There is no heavy lifting for your server or for your visitors' browsers. It's a truly bloat-free and resource-light solution. The system is PHP-based, with JavaScript editing tools.

CMS180 is ideal for small to medium organizations with with one to five primary web content contributors. It is not intended for large organizations with heavyweight enterprise CMS needs or for websites with heavy content syndication. In some cases, setting up the system on your site may require a change of web host.

Contact info@nacredata.com for more information, and click here to try the demo.